Welcome to Wholeness Face & Body!

We welcome you to experience our peaceful urban sanctuary where we look forward to being a part of your journey toward wholeness. We will assist you on your journey with treatments that are custom tailored to fit your needs and by being an educational resource for you by offering tools for self-maintenance and healing. At Wholeness the time you reserve with us is all yours, you can rest assured that we will give you the personalized care and attention you deserve. Our products have been chosen for their purity and effectiveness, for the health and well being of both you and the environment. Our intention is to create a space that will allow your mind to still, your body to heal and your spirit to transcend.

Our business is to be happy.
~ The Dalai Lama~

Wholeness stands for that which your nature requires. It embodies the impulse toward self-realization and indicates the path you must follow, not from ulterior motives but from the core of your individuality. Seeking after wholeness is the quest. And yet what you are striving to become in actuality is what you, by nature already are. You must become conscious of your essence and bring it into form, express it in a creative way. Wholeness marks a time for regeneration right down to the cellular level.
~ The Book of Runes~